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About the project

Cincha Travel approached me to refresh the brand’s logo and extend the current visual system into a full brand identity that was cohesive and intentional. We went on to complete an overhaul of the packaging design in preparation for their launch into the offline retail space.

Cincha Logo Cincha Colour Palette

Process & Solutions

Crafting the Brand

Before anything else, we started with strategy. Working closely with the client, I explored the background and context around the brand itself, created a clear image of their ideal customer and identified key competitors in the space. My aim at this stage was to distil the brand to its core essence, crystallising its personality and establishing what makes it unique within the travel industry.

We defined Cincha as a brand that feels effortlessly cool and put together, without taking itself too seriously and, with this concept in mind, I crafted the brand’s visual language and designed the different identity elements: logo, colour palette, type system etc. Images of the Amalfi coast, Parisian coffee shops and vintage travel ephemera inspired me to create a brand that felt both aspirational and inclusive.

We incorporated the signature horizontal stripe motif, which is a nod to the flagship product (a travel belt), and a warm colour palette, reminiscent of summers on the Amalfi coast.

Cincha Logo Lock Up Cincha Typography

Packaging design

Having previously sold the product exclusively online, Cincha wanted to revamp their packaging in preparation for the launch of their product line into physical stores.

Sales online benefitted from extensive lifestyle images and videos, on both the website and social media, to communicate the value proposition of the product. But in-store, a small box would have to do all the heavy lifting: attracting browsers, educating them on the product and enticing them to buy.

My considerations in designing the packaging were to communicate the attainable luxury positioning of the brand, give customers a peak at the quality of the product and give them an insight into how to use it. I worked with an illustrator to create simple “how-to” images and incorporated them into the brand identity. The finished design met our objectives and perfectly reflected Cincha’s easy-going, cool vibe.

Cincha Packaging Drafts Cincha Packaging


ILLUSTRATION / Stacey Burr at All Considered

Cincha Travel


Travel and Lifestyle


Oakland, CA

Cincha Travel is a luggage accessory brand, based in Oakland, California. Cincha offers functional, yet stylish solutions to real problems faced while travelling. Their flagship product, the Travel Belt, secures your personal bag to your luggage, freeing up your hands and just making your travel experience that much easier. Cincha’s mission is to simplify travel, from gate to getaway.